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    Dr. Doug Bosack, a cardiologist from Ohio, began writing in 1996. Back then, his busy cardiology practice left little room to venture as an author. Consequently, his writing portfolio was often put on the ‘back shelf’ for years at a time.


    The doctor’s retirement in 2005 allowed him to concentrate on his compositions, at which time he noticed improvement in both creativity and style.


    The Great Lakes Plaza is Dr. Bosack’s first published work. He anticipates the release of his first novel Caduceus in early 2018.


    Dr. Bosack practiced medicine in Toledo, Ohio and now resides in Canton, Ohio. He has a son, two daughters’, three grandchildren, and a fourth grandchild due this fall.

    The Real Story

    In 1996, Dr. Doug Bosack - three years post-divorce - met an attractive, intelligent young woman on a dating site. Studying creative writing at a local Ohio university, she was a poet with a unique talent for writing long stories in verse. The doctor found her writing inspired, original, and destined for fame.


    Dr. Bosack, having never considered himself adept in the art of prose, became intrigued by the possibility of writing fiction. While sitting poolside on a solo vacation in Mexico, he mentally reviewed the crazy nature of his life—his past 40 plus years. The more he daydreamed, the more he fantasized, adding fiction to fact. Within a few hours, he had created what he considered to be the basis for an exciting novel.


    Soon after his return to Ohio, the doctor and his new acquaintance went out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. During dinner, they spoke at length about her future as an author. When the doctor mentioned his recent thoughts of being a writer, she politely asked to see a sample of what he had composed while on vacation. Having been highly praised by her college professors, she was confident in her abilities at composition.


    After a quick perusal of his work, she smiled. The doctor noticed a subtle roll of her eyes and a tiny smirk on her lips. To break the tension, she laughed and said, “Forget about it.”


    For the remainder of the dinner, Bosack and the young lady spoke about writing—her plans for continued higher education in creative writing, and the doctor's new plan to forge ahead as a novice author.


    The dinner came to a close when a small dish of fortune cookies were presented. After cautiously fingering through her choices, she chose a cookie. The doctor took one too.


    With a look of disappointment, she read her fortune aloud. It said something inane like, "You’re going to win the lottery."


    The doctor opened his cookie and retrieved the small slip of paper from inside. He read it, paused, and read it again. His fortune read, "You will become a famous author."


    The doctor’s date was visibly upset... actually angry that she hadn’t chosen the fortune she desired. Not long after, she and the doctor split, each going separate ways.


    The doctor, over the past 20 years, has pursued his future as an author. The Great Lakes Plaza is his first publication. He has tried, unsuccessfully, to locate his "one night only" friend and remains unaware of her success or failure as a writer.


    Amazing story... had me enthralled from start to finish...

    A fine example of excellent prose...

    - Rhymer 1

    Wow! Captivated by your story from beginning to end...

    - Shirley T.

    Dark, slimy, smelly, and downright horrible... gruesome. I got a grin out of it.

    - Alvina

    An incredible verbal picture of parental love, reciprocated in a fervent yet gentle manner.

    - Shy1250

    I'm teary-eyed! Love this story... saw every character and heard every word.

    - Annmuma

    An outstanding story... very well written... worth a second read... awesome!

    - carolinasangel

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